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Edition: Java and Bedrock
Discord: ᎻᏋᏓᏓᎾᏂᎥ③⑥⑤④#3654
IGN: Hellohi3654
5 months ago

Just a quick update

We released a refreshed PVP server a few weeks ago and we are now working on developing SMP Season 4 and Updating our Skyblock Server


We are hoping to have the refreshed Skyblock server out soon (Note: Skyblock will not be reset just adding more features and new lobbies)


SMP Season 4 will be out sometime in September. The new season will have most of the old features with a few more such as custom bosses and quests as well as new custom terrain generation (that's not missing sugar cane lol). Season 5 will be released a little after 1.18 comes out with the new Caves and Cliffs terrain.

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- Hellohi3654


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Edition: Bedrock
Discord: Steve12341825#7896
IGN: _Steve12341825
5 months ago


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